Our Story

Authentic Arabic sweets have continued to reflect the traditional Arabic hospitality and appreciation when it’s served on occasions. Kunafa is considered the top and the best of authentic sweets menu and cuisine in addition to other delicious Arabic sweets such as Baklava, which is served as well at home, events, and hotels.

The renowned authentic Arabic sweets reputation went beyond regional boarders and can be found in many major capitals worldwide. Since the business started in UAE and up to date Qwaider Al Nabulsi Sweets has strived to be abreast with the highest industry standards.

The company has expanded in UAE and opened several outlets in Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain beside the main branch and head office in Abu Dhabi. As Qwaider Al Nabulsi Sweets is committed to quality, the company continued to expand and modernized its core business and in 2003 the showroom and factory in Sharjah had been upgraded and modernized to meet growing demands and challenges.

The company has recruited the most skillful pastry chefs, specialized in authentic Arabic sweets in the region and we import ingredients from renowned suppliers in the region to guarantee our quality and excellent taste. Our vision is to expand our business to cover the whole Gulf region and to offer our customers superb unmatchable products and quality. To meet our customer expectations and the multi-cultural environment, Qwaider Al Nabulsi Sweets caters for western sweets as well for most functions. The company has a western sweets division lead by experienced professionals along modern equipment to meet branches' demands.